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Unisex Glasses

A huge range of Optical World Branded glasses and frames

High Quality and Durable Glasses
ONLY £49.00 With Standard Lenses


For a limited time only, all of our unisex glasses and frames are £49.00 with FREE standard lenses.
Normal RRP £79.00
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Browse through the tabs below to see our various options for lenses below

Bi Focal Lenses from £30.00

Varifocal Lenses From £40.00

Sun Sensitive Lenses From £30.00

Anti Reflective Coated Lenses From £30.00

Scratch Resistant Lenses From £30.00

Spectacle Ordering & Fitting Service

We offer a spectacle ordering and fitting service :

Spectacle Frame Repairs & Adjustment
Bifocal and Varifocal Lens Dispensing

You may have a frame you would like to keep, in this case we can replace the lenses in you current frames.