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Taking care of your employees’ eyes
From prescription safety eyewear for workshop staff, DSE Glasses for clerical and office staff and eye examinations for drivers of commercial vehicles and company cars a comprehensive corporate eye test Leyton from Optical World will meet your needs.

DSE Eyecare – DSE Eye Test

Employees that are using Visual Display Units (VDUs) by law are required to have an eye test funded by their employer, when requested. If after having the DSE eye test, the employee needs glasses then the employer is obliged to pay.
Protect your employees by having them booked in for an eye test with one of our friendly opticians.

Accredited Quality Opticians

When your tests are finished you’ll be invited to speak to our dispensing optician regarding the outcomes of your eye examination and whether new glasses or contact lenses would help you. We’ll never put pressure for you to purchase anything from us; you’ll be offered a copy of your prescription should you desire, to take away with you.

How Long Does An Corporate Eye Appointment Last?

Corporate Eye appointments at Optical World are typically 15-30 minutes long. This gives the optician enough time to perform a thorough examination and be in the best position to advise you. When the eye examination is complete, you will have plenty of time to talk freely with your optician about any findings or concerns you may have.

Lenses and Frames

If you need new glasses, then you can find a huge range of frames and lenses. We carry a large range of fashionable and popular designer style frames.

Book a Corporate Eye Test?

If you are employed and are in regular use of computers, visual display unit, drive a company car or commercial unit, your employer will support you in paying for an eye test. If you require glasses then a basic set will be also be funded.
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You can book online or alternatively give us a call on 020 7118 6777

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