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Dyslexia Eye Test Leyton

Dyslexia Eye Assessment By Experts

Looking for an Optician that offers a Dyslexia eye assessment. Look no further than Optical World. We have been established since 1948 and have served the local and surrounding areas by providing an independent, highly trusted and friendly service. If you are looking for eye test Leyton, you are in good hands. Dyslexia Eye Test Leyton

What is Dyslexia

The phrase dyslexia is usually reserved for a severe degree of reading difficulty. At Optical World our Optometrists do not diagnose dyslexia but they can detect the visual problems that contribute to reading difficulties and challenges. We can best advise and help treat the symptoms. In most cases Dyslexia is diagnosed by a qualified specialist.

Vision and Dyslexia

In most case the commons problems in dyslexia are reduced ability to focus close up, and also unstable co-ordination of both eyes also known as binocular instability.

Dyslexia Eye Assessment  

At Optical World we carry out an extensive specialist eye assessment, and can identify visual problems that may be associated with other day to day activities. In the case of children this maybe associated with difficulties at school.

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Quality Opticians

When your tests are finished you’ll be invited to speak to our dispensing optician regarding the outcomes of your eye examination and whether new glasses or contact lenses would help you. We’ll never put pressure for you to purchase anything from us; you’ll be offered a copy of your prescription should you desire, to take away with you.

How Long Does An Dyslexia Eye Assessment Last?

Dyslexia Eye assessments at Optical World are typically 45 minutes long. This gives the optician enough time to perform a thorough examination and be in the best position to advise you. When the eye examination is complete, you will have plenty of time to talk freely with your optician about any findings or concerns you may have.

Book A Dyslexia Eye Test?

Book a friendly appointment with one of specialist opticians.

You can book an appointment online or alternatively give us a call on 020 7118 6777

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More info About Dyslexia?
If you want to learn more about dyslexia please visit the dyslexia action website to get more info. 

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