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Caring For Your Eyes

What you can do to look after your eyes.

Give up smoking
People who smoke are more likely to develop age related macular degeneration and cataracts when compared to non smokers. It is advisable to either minimise or stop smoking to avoid developing these conditons.

You maybe wondering that it seems odd that exercising would help your eyes. It can be very important. Research shows that doing regular exercise may reduce he risk of sight loss, this is due to lack of excersise causing issues such as high blood pressure, diabetes and narrowing or hardening of the arteries. Its a knock on effect. doing regular activity 2/3 times a week is encouraged.

Health Eating
A good healthy diet which consists of fruits and vegetables is beneficial for the long term and overall health and may keep the retina healthy.

Moderate Drinking
Having heavy alcohol consumption is associated with an increased risk of age related macular degeneration.
NHS recommends a daily alcohol limit are three to four units for men and two to three units for women. Following this guideline maybe keep your eyes a lot more healthier when compared to exceeding the recommendation

Damage from the sun
You should never look at the sun directly, even when doing something fun while say watching an eclipse. Doing this can cause irreversible damage to your eye sight and in some cases can lead to blindness.
There have also been some studies that state that sunlight exposure is a risk factor for cataracts.
It is advised that wearing a wide brimmed hat or sunglasses can help protect your eyes from UV Rays. Always buy good quality dark glasses and ones which carry the CE mark and the BS EN1836:2005 which ensures they offer a safe level of ultra violet protection.

Want Book An Eye Test?

If you have not had a eye sight test for a little while, get your eyes looked at by expert opticians by making an appointment for one of our comprehensive eye test assessments.

See if you qualify for a FREE eye test ? if not all our standard eye tests are £25

You can book online or alternatively give us a call on 020 7118 6777

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