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Eye Test Leyton

Looking for an Optician that does an eye test in the Leyton area. Look no further than Optical World. We have been established since 1948 and have served the local and surrounding areas by providing an independent, highly trusted and friendly service. If you are looking for eye test Leyton, you are in good hands.

Keep your eyes healthy with a regular eye test from our skilled Optometrists

Your vision is possibly the most important sense you own. Regular eye examinations are vitally crucial that you make sure your eyes remain healthy and also to see any need for glasses or contact lenses. The sooner we find an issue the more easy it is to tackle and the chance of doing any long-term harm to your own eyesight is reduced. If you are looking for an Optometrist in Leyton? You have come to the right place. Optical World is where you need to come to.

When you come to Optical World we will ask you a few questions about your eye and general health before proceeding with the eye examination. We provide eye examinations in Leyton for both private and NHS patients.
Many of our customers tell us our eye examinations are a few of the very comprehensive they have ever had.

The Eye Test Process

The optometrist will examine your eye health by means of opthalmoscope that is hand held and a slit lamp. These allow us to see the front and rear of your eyes to test for any signs of damage or disease.

What your eye test will involve

Visual fields & check of peripheral vision (Where Required)
( IOPs ) – internal pressure check of the eye
Visual acuity tests
Cover test
Slit-Lamp examination
Additonal tests if required or prescribed

Latest Technology We use as Opticians

We’ve got the latest technology to measure your visual fields while your intra ocular pressures – the pressures inside your eyeballs – are measured using a tonometer. This may seem scary but it’s actually very fast and completely painless. Both of these evaluations help pick up early signals of glaucoma and eye disease.
Specially for customers who are older or 40, the optometrist will check your intraocular pressures and visual fields.

The process of assessing whether your eye vision may be made better with glasses or contact lenses is referred to as refraction. This is the part you’ll tell the optometrist whether you’ll be able to see more clearly with or with no lens in front of your eye and be most comfortable with, where you look at an eye chart. We’ll show you what difference could be made to you vision with a new prescription, if it is needed.

Quality Opticians in Leyton

When your tests are finished you’ll be invited to speak to our dispensing optician regarding the outcomes of your eye examination and whether new glasses or contact lenses would help you. We’ll never put pressure for you to purchase anything from us; you’ll be offered a copy of your prescription should you desire, to take away with you.

How Long Does An Eye Appointment Last?

Eye appointments at Optical World are typically 30 minutes long. This gives the optician enough time to perform a thorough examination and be in the best position to advise you. When the eye examination is complete, you will have plenty of time to talk freely with your optician about any findings or concerns you may have.

Budget and Designer Range of Glasses, Eye Wear and Frames 

If you require eye wear after your eye sight test, you will be handed over to one of our dispensing opticians who will be available to discuss all the options available to you. We have an extensive range of budget, mid range and a large selection of designer frames. Our prices are highly competitive, infact we are cheaper than any other major high street opticians by almost 60%.

Why Book An Eye Test?

If you have not had a eye sight test for a little while, make certain there are no difficulties you’re missing by making an appointment for one of our comprehensive eye test assessments.
Looking to book an eye test Leyton?

You can book online or alternatively give us a call on 020 7118 6777

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Trusted Independent Local Opticians Leyton

Optical World has been established since 1948. As an independent optician in Leyton we come highly trusted and recommended during the 68 years we have been in business, we have provided our local customers with top quality complete eye care & eyewear services. We have built a loyal base of patients who have been happy to recommend Optical World to family and friends alike.
We are in summary opticians in Leyton. Eye Test Leyton. Serving the local and surrounding areas.

Our Commitment
At Optical World Leyton our highly experienced professional optometrist’s and dispensing opticians will ensure your eye test is performed with excellence in mind.

Optical World strives to the highest possible standards of eye care to all of our clients and patients

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