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If you are looking to apply for a PCO licence, TfL needs to be satisfied that all licenced London Taxi and Private Hire drivers are medically fit. As well as the additional check and medical checks. Vision checks are equally important and a full eye assessment needs to be carried out. TfL will provide you with a form to fill which is part of your medical form PHV/205. Your GP will fill in the parts about your medical history and in most cases will not be able to carry out a thorough eye assessment. PCO eye test East London.

If you are looking for an Optician that does pco eye test east london area. Look no further than Optical World. We have been established since 1948 and have served the local and surrounding areas by providing an independent, highly trusted and friendly service.

The PCO Eye Test Process

The optometrist will examine your eye health by means of opthalmoscope that is hand held and a slit lamp. These allow us to see the front and rear of your eyes to test for any signs of damage or disease.

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When your tests are finished you’ll be invited to speak to our dispensing optician regarding the outcomes of your eye examination and whether new glasses or contact lenses would help you. We’ll never put pressure for you to purchase anything from us; you’ll be offered a copy of your prescription should you desire, to take away with you.

Budget and Designer Range of Glasses, Eye Wear and Frames 

If you require eye wear after your eye sight test, you will be handed over to one of our dispensing opticians who will be available to discuss all the options available to you. We have an extensive range of budget, mid range and a large selection of designer frames. Our prices are highly competitive, infact we are cheaper than any other major high street opticians by almost 60%.

Why Book An PCO Eye Test?

Apart from the PCO eye test being a mandatory part of applying for your licence. its also recommended If you have not had your eye sight tested for a little while.
The cost of an PCO Licence eye test is £25.00

You can book online or alternatively give us a call on 020 7118 6777

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PCO Eye Test

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